Secrets to Long-Term Sales Success | InTouch Episode 2

In the ever-evolving world of real estate, long-term success requires more than market knowledge and sales skills. It demands resilience, adaptability, and a deep understanding of the human element in transactions. In our latest podcast episode, we hosted two industry stalwarts, Mindi Landry and John Windscheffel, who together bring over 75 years of experience. Their stories, insights, and advice are inspiring and practical for anyone looking to thrive in real estate. Mindi Landry’s journey in real estate began in 1976 in San Gabriel Valley, Los Angeles. Driven by confidence and a genuine desire to help people, Mindi has faced numerous challenges and burnout. However, her unwavering commitment to ethical practices and passion for people have kept her going. She emphasizes viewing real estate not just as a sales job but as a role that involves advising, counseling, and truly understanding clients’ needs and dreams. John Windscheffel offers a unique perspective as someone deeply involved in sales and real estate-related services since 1978, despite never holding a real estate license. Starting as a paperboy, John learned the basics of customer service and commitment at a young age. His journey took a significant turn in 1997 when he became a founding member of Real Estate Village, which later became homes.com. John’s story underscores the power of seizing opportunities and the importance of foundational sales skills. A key takeaway from this episode is the significance of continuous education and adaptability. Both Mindi and John highlight the need to stay informed about market trends, economic climates, and technological advancements. For new salespersons, Mindi advises starting with a combination of traditional and modern communication methods to build a broad network and stresses the importance of having a mentor. Another crucial aspect discussed is the ability to navigate market cycles and personal crises. Mindi shares her experience of enduring multiple market downturns, relying on her faith and determination. John’s transition from various sales roles to becoming a key player in the real estate tech industry illustrates the importance of resilience and adaptability. As we advance in a digital world, the human element remains core to real estate transactions. Mindi’s prayer to help just one more person and John’s commitment to customer service remind us that every sale involves a person with dreams and aspirations. This episode is packed with actionable insights and inspiration. Tune in to hear Mindi and John’s full stories and learn how to build a successful and fulfilling career in real estate.

How to Break into Luxury Real Estate | InTouch Episode 1

Ready to elevate your real estate career and break into the luxury market? Our latest podcast episode features top luxury real estate agents Nicole Mazzola, Robert Sizer, and Sharyn Seymour, sharing their secrets and tips for selling million-dollar homes. This episode is a must-listen for aspiring luxury agents. The episode starts with ten essential tips for entering the luxury market, from finding a mentor to understanding luxury loan options. Nicole Mazzola emphasizes the importance of self-belief, saying, “If you don’t believe in yourself and what you’re capable of, nobody else is going to believe in you either.” Next, Nicole, Robert, and Sharon share their personal journeys into luxury real estate, highlighting the challenges and triumphs they’ve encountered. Robert Sizer, with 24 years in the industry, recounts his first million-dollar sale and the importance of preparation and confidence. Sharyn Seymour, with 19 luxury sales, discusses self-preparation and having a reliable team of vendors. A standout moment is Robert’s analogy comparing real estate to running a race, emphasizing consistent effort and preparation. Sharyn adds the importance of asking for what you want, whether it’s a listing, referral, or more information. The episode also covers practical aspects of luxury real estate, such as advertising to affluent clients and protecting your reputation. Nicole, Robert, and Sharyn share their strategies for networking and finding high-end buyers and sellers, stressing the importance of being well-read, educated, and always prepared to provide top-notch service. In addition to real estate tips, the episode features an interview with Dolores Diaz and David Malme from the Eye of a Needle Foundation, discussing AARE’s Generous Giving Program. This segment reminds us that success in real estate isn’t just about making money—it’s also about giving back to the community. Whether you’re a seasoned agent or just starting, this episode offers valuable insights and practical advice for breaking into the luxury real estate market. Tune in to learn from the best and take your career to the next level!

What Happened to Professional Real Estate Standards of Excellence – Episode 5

Hosts: Andrew Michael Arroyo, Gary Giffin, Nicole Mazzola In the competitive world of real estate, maintaining a high standard of excellence is essential. Our latest podcast episode explores the key elements that distinguish top real estate professionals. Whether you’re an experienced agent or just starting out, this episode offers valuable insights to elevate your game. We kick off with a light-hearted scenario highlighting common challenges, such as dealing with unresponsive listing agents and emphasizing effective communication. This sets the stage for a deeper discussion on professionalism in the industry. Co-host Gary Giffin shares his frustrations with declining communication standards among agents, citing instances of offers sent without follow-up and missing contract details. This lack of professionalism impacts transactions and damages the industry’s reputation. Host Andrew discusses the generational shift in communication styles. Millennials and Gen Z prefer texting and digital methods, while older agents value phone calls and personal interactions. This disconnect can lead to missed opportunities and misunderstandings. Andrew advocates for a balanced approach, combining digital convenience with personal touch. We also hear from Nicole Mazzola, a seasoned professional who embodies excellence. She emphasizes knowing contracts thoroughly and continuous education. Nicole shares tips like using the listing agreement in buyer presentations to demonstrate expertise and build credibility. Nicole also highlights the importance of networking and collaboration. By attending industry events and connecting with peers, agents can learn from each other and raise industry standards. She encourages viewing colleagues as collaborators rather than competitors. One compelling segment features Nicole reflecting on maintaining high standards in a market that often devalues professional service. She advises turning to core values and faith for guidance, reminding us that true excellence comes from within. We wrap up with actionable tips to enhance professionalism and service. From pre-calling listing agents to preparing detailed buyer presentations, these steps can set an agent apart in a crowded market. Ready to take your real estate career to the next level? This episode is a must-listen. Tune in for valuable insights and practical strategies to stand out and succeed in today’s competitive real estate landscape.

InTouch Podcast – Top Producers Share High Performance Methods – Episode 4

Episode Description Ever wondered how top real estate producers stay ahead in a constantly shifting market? In this episode, we feature an interview with top producers Patty Keck, Nicole Mazzola, and Gary Giffin. They share their experiences and strategies for navigating the ever-changing real estate market. Key Topics Discussed Current Market Trends: Adapting to market cycles and the importance of transitioning your business before changes occur. • Natural and Spiritual Gifts: How recognizing and utilizing these gifts can contribute to success. • Sales Histories: Insights into how Patty, Nicole, and Gary got into real estate, their target areas, and price points. Motivation and Traits: The personality traits that help them stand out and the importance of consistency and competitiveness. Business Strategies Client Relationships: Generating business through repeat and referral clients, open houses, and maintaining contact with past clients. • Challenges and Benefits: The significance of client relationships and asking for referrals. • Coaching and Advising: How coaching has impacted their careers and contributed to their success. Technology and Competition: Dealing with competition from companies like Redfin and Zillow and sustaining long-term business.

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