Generous Giving Program

With the Generous Giving Program from AARE Real Estate Services, you can help our organization receive much-needed dollars simply by referring someone you know who is buying or selling a property.

How does it work?

At any given time, someone you know may be looking to buy or sell real estate. It may even be you! If you come across someone who is thinking about buying or selling property anywhere in the United States, whether residential or commercial (including leases), share this generous giving opportunity with them! 

By working with an experienced AARE agent or AARE referral agent for your transaction, you can provide your organization with donations at no cost to the buyer or seller. The donation comes from AARE’s commission and it will be sent to your organization when their transaction closes. If the transaction is in one of AARE’s service areas, they will be working with an AARE agent.

If you have any questions, please give us a call at 858-381-4200 or send your information by clicking the “Get Started” button above and a representative will reach out to you shortly!

Each AARE Donation Check Typically Ranges from $2,500 - $20,000*

*This depends on the purchase price of the property

what our recipents are saying

UPLIFT is dedicated to improving community equity with free services to San Diego's most vulnerable, helping house our homeless neighbors, and academically advancing low-income students, lifting all to their highest potential. With AARE’s Generous Giving, we have received over $18,000 to support our work. We simply asked our staff, donors, supporters, family, and friends to let us know if any of them were buying or selling real estate anywhere in the US. We then referred that person's contact information to AARE and when their transaction closed we received a donation from AARE. It’s easy! We plan to continue to use their program and would encourage you to use it too!
Monica Ball President of UPLIFT Board of Directors
Monica Ball
President of UPLIFT Board of Directors
Monica Uplift

Monica Ball and The Uplift Team.

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