Keynon Starks

Commercial Sales & Funding Expert

Keynon Starks

Commercial Sales & Funding Expert



Investment Funding
Probate real estate sales


Central & Southern Florida
Twin Cities Minnesota



About | Professional Bio

I am a dedicated professional with a passion for delivering exceptional results. I pride myself on being adaptive and versatile, able to navigate various challenges with ease. As a creative problem solver, I approach each situation with innovative solutions tailored to meet specific needs. Driven by a goal-oriented mindset, I maintain a structured approach to my work, ensuring that every task is completed efficiently and effectively. My experience has honed my ability to remain stress-hardened, allowing me to perform optimally even under pressure. With a commitment to excellence, I am always ready to tackle new challenges and deliver outstanding results. 


With a strong background in real estate investments, I have developed a keen eye for identifying lucrative opportunities and maximizing returns for my clients. My tech-savvy nature allows me to leverage the latest tools and technologies to streamline processes, ensuring that transactions are not only smooth but also efficient. Efficiency is at the core of my work ethic. I pride myself on being able to manage multiple tasks and projects simultaneously, always delivering results in a timely manner. My commitment to excellence and attention to detail ensures that every aspect of a real estate transaction is handled with the utmost care and professionalism.


I am a seasoned real estate professional with expertise in various specialties within the industry. My career specialties include Multi-Family real estate, Syndications, investor relations, Probate real estate sales, Commercial Real estate sales, and Investment funding. With a deep understanding of the real estate market, I have successfully facilitated multi-family and commercial real estate transactions, managed investor relations, navigated probate real estate sales, and secured investment funding for various real estate ventures. My comprehensive knowledge and experience in these areas allow me to provide valuable insights and strategic guidance to clients and investors, ensuring successful and profitable real estate endeavors.

Keynon’s why!

Keynon is driven by a passion for building and a relentless pursuit of excellence. His dedication stems from a childhood love of Legos, which instilled in him a deep appreciation for the art of construction and design. He has a genuine passion for learning and thrive on embracing new challenges and opportunities. Combined with a strong business aptitude, this allows him to deliver exceptional service to his clients. He is committed to maintaining a professional lifestyle and continually seek to exceed expectations in all that he does. His mission is to leverage his passion, expertise, and dedication to provide unparalleled real estate services to his clients and communities.

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AARE agents are hand-selected from the top commercial brokers and property managers nationwide. They are chosen for their experience, for their record of client satisfaction, and for personality traits in keeping with the AARE culture, which is based on biblical principles. When a commercial broker joins AARE, they become an owner and shareholder in the company through our unique equity compensation plan.

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