Unique Value Proposition


In the dynamic and highly competitive world of real estate, finding a brokerage that not only understands your needs but also empowers you to succeed is crucial. AARE takes a revolutionary approach, going beyond the traditional brokerage model, and placing agents firmly in the driver’s seat of their careers. By allowing agents to customize their compensation plan (caps and splits), thus empowering them to build their real estate business their way, with services, benefits, and commission structures that align with their unique goals and aspirations.

Unique Value Proposition | Benefits When You Join AARE

Seven Ways to Build Wealth

We believe that success should be measured not just by the number of transactions closed, but by the financial security and wealth-building potential that our agents can achieve. That’s why we offer our agents multiple compensation streams and seven ways to build wealth through a variety of programs, including Residential, Commercial, Property Management, Syndication, Business Broker, Lending Services, and Equity.

Join our community today and experience a truly rewarding and fulfilling career in real estate. The future of your success starts here.

Apply today and discover a brokerage that empowers you to build your business on your terms.

Unlock Your Real Estate Success with Seven Steps to Powerful Paychecks!

Join us on a transformative journey as we take you through the Seven Steps to Powerful Paychecks. Elevate your real estate career and see remarkable results with each step. Embrace these processes to unlock your true potential and become a real estate powerhouse.Your success story starts here!
Seven Steps to Powerful Paychecks

Equity Ownership

Equity compensation is non-cash payment to the members of our organization which include options, restricted stock, and performance shares; all of these investment vehicles represent ownership in our firm

Signing Bonus Award

When you join AARE, we give you a signing bonus to welcome you to the organization. We believe generosity should start on day one.

Performance Awards

You will receive an award by simply doing your job. Annually, you will be compensated based on your performance and awarded based on the income you generate.

Ownership Opportunity

When you invest in AARE, we invest in you. Build wealth through ownership. You have the opportunity to become an owner at AARE through investing in the Company.

Concierge | Business Support

Tools, Technology, and Support to Grow Your Real Estate Business.

take control of your real estate career and unlock your full potential

Apply today and discover a brokerage that empowers you to build your business on your terms.

Build your business you way at AARE

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