About Angelique

Angelique Pereira


"As your Real Estate representative, I make it my personal goal and mission to help you achieve your Real Estate Goals and Dreams."

meet Angelique

Angelique began her real estate career in Houston in 2004, her first transaction being the purchase of her home as a new homeowner. She has been serving residential buyers and sellers ever since.

Angelique Pereira has the experience and AARE team support to locate the unique property that suits your needs, while performing the highest levels of service and fiduciary responsibility to her clients. Unlike dual agency representation, Angelique’s sole commitment is to YOU! 

As a proactive Real Estate Professional for the past 18 years, Angelique has honed her skills in; Property Selection, Market Information, Lease Negotiation, ensuring her Clients a stable real estate environment during their lease term; a must in our competitive and ever-changing economy. 

Real estate has been a real blessing in her life helping her achieve multiple personal financial goals. Angelique’s love for the Real Estate Industry originates from my love for helping people add value to their lives. She is in the real estate industry to Serve! Her purpose is to keep her Clients satisfied and will do whatever it takes to accomplish just that!

Buyers: Angelique is not just here to sell you a property but to help fulfill your dreams for your home. She believes that each client is unique and deserves special attention to their particular needs. Purchasing a home can be a stressful process due to time constraints, finances, unique requirements and so on….As your REALTOR, she is here to guide and connect you with the right resources to make your dreams a reality!

Sellers: Selling a home can be similar to a juggling act at times with the transition of moving out of a current home and into a future one. Angelique’s goal as your REALTOR is to go the extra mile to make you feel secure that your transaction is in good hands so your transition is a smooth one.

Investors: Angelique’s commitment to investors is to provide the right information and advice to bring maximum profit. As your REALTOR, she will be your “Scout” for Hot properties as they are listed on the market. In addition, she will plan to expedite the purchase and sale of your properties by networking with her team of experts in lending, title, inspection, insurance, taxation, etc.