Unique Value Proposition

When you affiliate with AARE, you can focus on your sales and growth. We take care of the rest. Our unique business model provides your team members with industry leading benefits, technology and systems; plus you can become an owner.

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Unique Business Model | Become an Owner | Gain Liquidity

Signing Bonus Award

When you join AARE, we give you a signing bonus to welcome you to the organization. We believe generosity should start on day one.

Performance Awards

You will receive an award by simply doing your job. Annually, you will be compensated based on your performance and awarded based on the income you generate.

Ownership Opportunity

When you invest in AARE, we invest in you. Build wealth through ownership. You have the opportunity to become an owner at AARE through investing in the Company.

Grow your team of agents and loan officers. We help you recruit agents and loan officers that wish to join a team.

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Reduce your overhead costs & Expenses

  • E&O Insurance
  • Workman’s Comp
  • Technology Expenses

Tap into A Nationwide referral network

Gain access to a network of agents and services that provide inbound/outbound referral opportunities.  

“Plug n play” Systems & Back Office

Why hassle or waste time building and developing a robust back office when you can “plug n play” right away.

Multiple Compensation Streams | 7 Ways to Build Wealth

AARE Broker Support Team

primary benefits include:

  • Maintain your brand identity.
  • Become a shareholder by investing.
  • Participate in our Equity Compensation plan.
  • Reduced your overhead costs.* (i.e E&O insurance,
    workman’s comp, etc)
  • Gain nationwide presence. We are licensed in 24 states
    and growing.
  • Tap into our referral network that provides inbound/
    outbound referrals.
  • Learn to manage syndications.
  • Expand the suite of services offered to your clients.
  • Plug into our technology systems and training. This way you have no hassle.
  • Grow your team of agents. We help you recruit agents that wish to join a team.
  • Plug into our Transaction Management system to keep you compliant.
  • Gain access to live support representatives, systems and marketing material.
  • Gain strategic and tactical administration services to help your business grow.

*Need more details on cost saving measures? Send us a list of your expenses and we can go through them together to see what we can cut out and save you monthly. This usually outweighs any commission split with AARE


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