John Windscheffel
Company AARE
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John Windscheffel

Communications | AARE Leader

John Windscheffel holds a position at AARE that doesn't exist in most agencies. He's a "Communication Director," charged with assisting AARE agents in developing new relationships and deepening communication with their existing clients.

An expert in matching buyers in the AARE database to the agent's listings, he provides sales training, advice, encouragement, and motivation – all with an eye to helping each agent attain the success they seek.

John brings a wealth of experience and expertise to this position, having been the top salesperson at three different corporations since beginning his sales career in 1992. Over this time he has created award-winning sales teams, done corporate sales training and recruiting, and has been charged with overseeing multiple sales offices.

He and two brothers-in-law founded Real Estate Village in late 1997. Theirs was one of the first online companies to develop websites for real estate professionals. Due to their success, the company was purchased by in the spring of 2000. He stayed with until 2003, when he moved on to another corporation. There he become an International Corporate Sales trainer and built the largest sales team in the company's history.

When AARE agents want guidance from an experienced trainer and communicator, they turn to John. In addition to a deep commitment to his wife and three children, John is passionate about helping people enjoy life and be their best. His hobbies revolve around his passion for health and wellness, body building, and physical fitness.

John's relationship with AARE founder Andrew Arroyo dates back to 1999 when Andrew sold him and his wife Nancy their first home in San Diego. Nancy is also an AARE team member, wearing many hats, including that of Database Manager.

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