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carmel valley

Carmel Valley, CA is a picturesque and affluent community located in northern San Diego County. It is known for its beautiful natural surroundings, world-class schools, upscale shopping, and dining options.


Carmel Valley is an upscale residential community that offers a relaxed and luxurious lifestyle. The area is home to a variety of recreational activities, including hiking, golfing, and horseback riding. Residents can also enjoy fine dining, boutique shopping, and luxury spa treatments. The community is known for its family-friendly environment and highly-rated schools, making it an ideal place to raise a family.

Climate & Weather

Carmel Valley enjoys a mild Mediterranean climate, with warm, sunny summers and mild winters. The average temperature in the summer is around 75°F, while in the winter, temperatures typically range from the mid-50s to the mid-60s°F.