Investing in Multifamily Properties: What You Need to Know

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Multifamily Properties 101: Types, Pros and Cons Multifamily properties, or buildings that contain multiple units for residential purposes, can be an attractive investment option for real estate investors. These properties can range from small duplexes to large apartment complexes and offer several advantages, such as increased cash flow, economies of scale, and diversification of risk….Read More→

What Does A Property Management Company Typically Analyze Before Taking On The Responsibility Of Managing A Property?

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Investing in a property can be a lucrative opportunity, but managing it can quickly become overwhelming, especially if you don’t have the time or expertise to handle the day-to-day responsibilities. That’s where a property management company comes in. These professionals conduct a comprehensive analysis of the property before taking on its management responsibilities. In this…Read More→

What’s the difference between a property manager and real estate agent?

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As a real estate investor or landlord, you might be wondering about the difference between a property manager and a real estate agent. Both professionals have distinct roles in the real estate industry, and understanding their responsibilities can help you make informed decisions. A property manager is responsible for managing properties on behalf of the…Read More→

What is the Role of a Property Management Agent?

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What is the Role of a Property Management Agent?  As a property owner, it can be overwhelming to manage your property on your own. This is where a property management agent comes in to help. A property management agent is responsible for handling the day-to-day operations of your property. They take care of tasks such…Read More→

Appfolio Says Property Management Is A Thriving Industry

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Property management is a thriving industry, as indicated in AppFolio’s 2023 Property Management Benchmark Report. The report aims to help property managers compare their experiences in the current economy with their peers in other industries. Despite economic pressures, the report finds that owning or managing residential rental property is currently favorable. The survey involved nearly…Read More→

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