When You Invest in An AARE Franchise You in Invest Your Future

AARE opened as a one-agent company back in 2004. Today, with hundreds of agents, loan officers and staff members, AARE is one of the nation’s fastest-growing residential and commercial real estate agencies. The agency provides a variety of real estate services including residential, commercial, lending, property management, syndication, and business opportunities.

We’re excited to share with you our formula for how we built a successful brokerage in one of the  most competitive markets. You’ll get the systems and methods that have been compiled over 25 years and that are all the pieces for building and growing your successful AARE franchise.

Seven Ways to grow Your Business, Diversify and build equity

Generate Real Cash Flow®, Build equity in three primary ways

Ownership of stocks and options in AARE. 
Invest in real estate through our syndications. 
Purchase your own AARE franchised branch.

Mission, Vision and Values

 We believe you can experience successful financial outcomes by combining your God-given talents with righteous actions achieving real financial success

Purchase an AARE Franchise Branch and Join the Generous Capitalism® Movement

  • Franchisee contribution of 0.25% – 5.00% (based on performance)
  • Public Relations contribution of 0.05% – 1.00% (based on performance)
  • Charitable contribution of .0025% – 0.50% (based on performance)
  • Earn 20-40% annual rebate in equity for performance (stock or options)
  • Nominal transaction fees ($25 per transaction)
  • Join a redemptive business model (not exploitative)
  • Ability to implement your own compensation structure and splits
  • Independently own and operate an AARE branch that you oversee

The Methods, Systems, and Training You Need to Succeed

ready to use templates

The Essential Tools, Technology, And Business Support You Need To Grow Your AARE Business Franchise.

Premium website templates
premium print and signage templates
Business Support delivery systems

Build Your branch, grow and succeed with AARE

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