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Nestled amidst the majestic White Mountains of Arizona, Heber-Overgaard offers a tranquil and close-knit community that attracts residents and visitors with its serene charm, moderate climate, and strong community ties. With a rich natural environment, educational opportunities, and a laid-back lifestyle, Heber-Overgaard provides an inviting and peaceful way of life.

Lifestyle & entertainment

Heber-Overgaard’s lifestyle centers around its strong sense of community and the natural beauty that surrounds the town. Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy a variety of activities like hiking, fishing, and camping. The town features local businesses like The Red Onion for a delightful dining experience and The Lazy Trout Market for convenient shopping.

Climate & Weather

Heber-Overgaard enjoys a mild, four-season climate. Summers are pleasant, and winters see snowfall, offering a lovely setting for winter sports and outdoor adventures.


The town is served by the Heber-Overgaard Unified School District, with well-regarded educational institutions such as Mogollon High School. The Northland Pioneer College also provides higher education options for local residents.


Heber-Overgaard's community is a blend of long-time residents and newcomers, fostering a warm and inclusive atmosphere.

Crime & safety

Heber-Overgaard maintains a low crime rate, contributing to the town's reputation for safety and security. The local law enforcement is dedicated to protecting the well-being of its residents.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Heber-Overgaard is reasonable, considering the town's small-town charm and the quality of life it offers.

Culture & history

Heber-Overgaard takes pride in its cultural history, which is showcased at the Rim Country Museum. Seasonal events like the Fourth of July Parade and Oktoberfest celebrate the town’s unique culture and community spirit.


As with many small towns in the region, Heber-Overgaard does not have an extensive public transit system. Personal vehicles are the primary mode of transportation, and the town’s layout is conducive to walking and biking.

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