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Linden, AZ

Nestled in the serene beauty of the White Mountains of Arizona, Linden offers a tranquil and close-knit community, making it an ideal place for those seeking a peaceful and nature-centric lifestyle. With its pleasant climate, strong sense of community, and recreational opportunities, Linden provides a unique and satisfying living experience.

Lifestyle & entertainment

Life in Linden revolves around enjoying the breathtaking natural surroundings. Residents and visitors can partake in outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and horseback riding. While the town is small, it offers a local gem, The Honey Stand, where you can savor delicious local honey and homemade treats.

Climate & Weather

Linden enjoys a temperate climate with all four seasons. Summers are mild, and winters bring snowfall, providing a stunning backdrop for winter sports and outdoor adventures.


Linden falls under the Show Low Unified School District, with students attending nearby schools such as Show Low High School. The educational options in the area cater to students’ needs.


Linden is a close-knit community, and its residents are often individuals who appreciate the tranquility and natural beauty that the area provides. The town's small population contributes to a strong sense of community.

Crime & safety

Linden boasts a low crime rate, making it a safe and secure environment for its residents. The local authorities prioritize the safety and well-being of the community.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Linden is relatively affordable, considering the quality of life and the access to pristine natural landscapes that the town offers.

Culture & history

While Linden may be small, it cherishes its culture and heritage. Residents and visitors can explore local history at the White Mountain Historical Society or engage with local artists at the Artists of the Rim gallery in nearby towns. Annual events like the Show Low Days and the Linden Christmas Tree Lighting bring the community together.


Linden, like many towns in the White Mountains, lacks a robust public transit system. Personal vehicles are the primary mode of transportation, and the town’s layout is conducive to walking and biking.

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