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The Do’s & Don’t’s of Hashtags: A Social Media Toolkit for Real Estate Professionals

In the digital landscape of today, no business can afford to miss the boat on online networking and promotion. As a real estate professional, social media platforms provide you with an incredible stage to showcase your properties, build relationships, and significantly expand your clientele. One key to mastering social media is understanding how to effectively use hashtags.

Hashtags, represented by the pound symbol (#), are used on social media platforms to tag or categorize posts, making them discoverable by users interested in particular topics. Let’s break down how you can harness the power of hashtags to increase your visibility, engagement, and conversion rates.

The Basics: What are Hashtags?

If you’ve been puzzled about these little symbols (#) sprinkled across social media posts, they’re called hashtags. Think of them as tags or labels for your content that group them into specific topics, themes, or events. By adding these to your updates, you’re connecting them to certain discussions. So, when a potential client searches for a specific hashtag, they find all associated posts, including yours, thereby enhancing your online visibility.

Choosing The Right Hashtags

The task of choosing the right hashtags cannot be overstated. For you as a real estate agent, this implies figuring out the key search terms your potential clients are using. Kick-off with straightforward, industry-linked hashtags such as #RealEstate, #PropertiesOnSale, or #DreamHome. To cater to a specific demographic, you can leverage location-centric hashtags such as #NYCProperties or #HomesInSeattle.

Do’s of Using Hashtags

Stay Relevant: Your hashtags should align with the content of your post and the interests of your audience. Though irrelevant hashtags might boost your reach briefly, they won’t result in valuable engagement or successful conversions.

Do Your Homework: Before you use a hashtag, look it up. Ensure it’s active and pertinent to real estate. Going through posts under these hashtags can give you a sense of whether potential customers or competitors use them.

Blend Broad and Focused Hashtags: While a hashtag like #RealEstate might reach a vast audience, it might be too broad to attract the right leads. Pair it with more specific hashtags like #EcoFriendlyHomes or #LuxuryApartments to appeal to specific audiences.

Invent Your Own Hashtags: Design a unique hashtag for your business. This can build a sense of belonging among your followers and make it simpler for you to monitor conversations related to your brand. It could be something straightforward like #[YourName]withAARE or a catchy phrase like #FindYourNestWith[YourName].

Don’ts of Using Hashtags

Avoid Hashtag Spamming: Don’t go overboard with hashtags. Too many hashtags can make your post seem messy and insincere. A good rule of thumb is to stick to 5-10 hashtags per post.

Stay Away from Unrelated Hashtags: Leveraging popular but unrelated hashtags might seem like an effective way to gain visibility. However, this can be misleading to users and negatively impact your credibility.

Don’t Miss Out on Trending Topics: Keep an eye on trending hashtags, which represent currently popular topics on the platform. Even if they’re not directly linked to real estate, with a little ingenuity, you can incorporate them into your posts for increased visibility.

Don’t Overlook Analytics: Most social media platforms offer insights into how your posts are performing. Pay attention to the hashtags that garner the most interaction and consider using them more frequently.

Properly employing hashtags requires a bit of planning, research, and a splash of creativity. By adhering to these do’s and don’ts, you’re set to extend your social media footprint and attract new eyes to your content and your real estate business. Bear in mind, social media success can’t be achieved overnight, but with consistency and dedication, the payoffs can be immensely rewarding.

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