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Robert LeBorne is an accomplished professional by anyone’s measure. But the years spent in the Air Force, participating in numerous Missile and Space Shuttle launches remain among his proudest professional achievements. As a meteorologist, Robert monitored the skies before each launch and was responsible for signing off on the weather conditions prior to each launch. Although the hours were long, to be a part of man’s reach for the stars was a dream come true. The experiences would not only change his life but would serve to help many others achieve their dreams as well.

For Robert the call to become a real estate professional, wasn’t just based on the success he’d enjoyed with his personal property investments, but even more important, it was fueled by a desire to help others achieve their dreams as well. “I believe everyone should have the opportunity to own real estate, whether it’s a personal home or an additional investment to a growing portfolio. I am determined to help people do just that.” To that end, Robert hasn’t just helped his clients, he’s also helped his community by conducting an ongoing series of seminars on how to buy real estate. He has also mentored other real estate professionals and taught elementary and high school students how they can achieve success with real estate. “I love teaching, whether I’m helping clients achieve their dreams or showing others how to reach their goals.”

With extensive experience through a variety of changing markets and comprehensive knowledge and expertise, gained over the last 34 years, Robert helps his clients find the perfect solutions to achieve a successful home sale or purchase. His personal experience in buying and remodeling a broad range of properties in locations throughout the Nation has given him an exceptional eye for both the value and potential of any home. But Robert offers so much more to help his clients, he is also licensed in life insurance and is an expert on financing, having owned his own mortgage company, he is positioned well to help his clients achieve their goals for the future.

Every day, Robert works closely with people to help them make the most of their valuable real estate investment, and he does so by taking the time to listen to and learn their dreams and expectations and makes it his mission to not just meet them but to exceed them-launching his clients to ever higher levels of success.
Robert LeBorne’s philosophy is simple. It’s not enough to dream your dreams-don’t be afraid to make them come true. With energy and enthusiasm, this talented professional has done just that-for himself and for others.
Considering the sale or purchase of a home or investment property in the San Antonio greater area? Let Robert LeBorne help launch your dreams. Call him today for a complimentary consultation.

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