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Build Your Real Estate Business Your Way!

Build Your Real Estate Business Your Way!

Are you an ambitious real estate agent looking to take your career to new heights? In a fast-paced and competitive industry like real estate, finding the right brokerage that understands your vision and supports your goals is essential. Look no further than AARE – the revolutionary brokerage that redefines the traditional model and puts you firmly in control of your success.

Empowering Your Success

AARE opened as a one-agent company back in 2004. Today, with hundreds of agents, loan officers, and staff members, AARE is one of the nation’s fastest-growing residential and commercial real estate agencies. The agency provides a variety of real estate services, including residential, commercial, lending, property management, syndication, and business opportunities.

At AARE, we believe that true success in real estate comes from empowerment. That’s why we go beyond the norm, giving our agents the freedom to customize their compensation plans. With the flexibility to set caps and splits, you have the power to design a compensation structure that aligns perfectly with your aspirations.

Faith-Based Mission Driven Culture

AARE is not just another real estate brokerage; it’s a community of like-minded individuals driven by a faith-based mission. Our culture fosters integrity, compassion, and a strong sense of purpose. When you join AARE, you become part of a family that shares your values and supports your journey.

Customized Compensation Plus Equity Ownership

Imagine having the opportunity to not only earn a competitive income but also gain equity ownership in the brokerage you work with. AARE offers this unique advantage, giving you a stake in the success of the company while you build your real estate business. Your success directly contributes to the growth of the brokerage, creating a win-win situation.

Diverse Income Sources for Enhanced Client Services

As an AARE agent, you’ll have access to multiple income sources that allow you to expand your client services. From traditional residential sales to commercial properties, property management, and more, our diversified approach opens up new avenues for your success.

Our Seven Steps to Powerful Paychecks® training equips agents with advanced knowledge for real estate success

Seven Steps to Powerful Paychecks® Training

Education is the key to excellence. AARE provides agents with cutting-edge training through our Seven Steps to Powerful Paychecks® program. This comprehensive training equips you with the skills, knowledge, and strategies to maximize your earnings and deliver outstanding service to your clients.

Advanced Knowledge with Collaborative Education

Stay ahead of the curve with AARE’s collaborative education platform. Our agents benefit from advanced industry insights and best practices shared by seasoned professionals within the network. Continuous learning is essential, and at AARE, we encourage a culture of knowledge-sharing and growth.

Support Coaches and Experienced Mentors

In your journey to success, you won’t be alone. AARE offers dedicated support coaches and experienced mentors to guide you every step of the way. Whether you’re a seasoned agent or just starting, our team is here to provide valuable advice and help you overcome any challenges you encounter.

Join AARE and experience a refreshing new approach that goes beyond the traditional brokerage model

Contribute to a Generosity-Based Business Model

At AARE, we believe in giving back. Our generosity-based business model allows agents to make a positive impact on the community they serve. By contributing a portion of their earnings to charitable causes, AARE agents become a force for good, creating a ripple effect of kindness and compassion.

When you choose AARE as your real estate brokerage, it means embracing a groundbreaking approach to success. With a faith-based mission, flexible compensation plans, and a commitment to your growth, AARE empowers you to build your real estate business on your terms. Join our community today and experience a truly rewarding and fulfilling career in real estate. The future of your success starts here.

AAREWhat You Get When You JOIN
Customized CompensationTailored compensation plan that allows you to build your real estate business your way.
Equity OwnershipThe opportunity to become an owner and enjoy equity in the AARE organization.
Multiple Income SourcesDiverse income streams, including Residential, Commercial, Property Management, and more.
Seven Steps to Powerful Paychecks®Comprehensive training program providing advanced knowledge for real estate success.
Collaborative EducationA supportive learning environment with collaborative education and experienced mentors.
Support Coaches and MentorsAccess to support coaches and experienced mentors to guide you on your real estate journey.
Generosity Based Business ModelAARE’s business model is founded on generosity, creating a positive impact on clients and others.
Seven Ways to Build WealthA variety of programs like Residential, Commercial, Syndication,Property and Business Brokering for wealth-building.

Join AARE and build your real estate business your way! Contact John Windscheffel at 480.553.2030 or JOHN.WINDSCHEFFEL@AARE.com for details.

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Build your business you way at AARE

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