Company Overview

Company Name: Andrew Arroyo Real Estate Services, Inc.

Year Founded: 2004

Location: San Diego, California, United States

AARE is a dynamic and innovative brokerage firm that has established itself as a leader in the real estate industry since its founding in 2004. Headquartered in San Diego, California, AARE offers a comprehensive range of real estate services, catering to residential and commercial clients alike. With a commitment to delivering exceptional results, AARE has built a reputation for its professionalism, expertise, and dedication to client satisfaction. At the heart of AARE’s mission is the vision to become the world’s first publicly traded, faith-based, global real estate firm. Founded by Andrew Arroyo, AARE is driven by a desire to revolutionize the real estate industry by addressing industry-wide challenges through innovative approaches and a commitment to generosity. AARE’s unique business model, rooted in Generous Capitalism®, aims to make a positive impact in the communities it serves and fulfill God’s will within the real estate sector of the public markets. AARE’s service offerings encompass a wide range of real estate needs, including residential and commercial sales, property management, syndication, business opportunities, and financing. This comprehensive suite of services ensures that clients receive a one-stop solution for all their real estate requirements. AARE’s team of talented professionals possesses deep industry knowledge and a dedication to delivering exceptional customer service. They are committed to understanding clients’ unique needs and providing personalized solutions that achieve their real estate goals.
Unique Value Proposition

One of the key differentiators of AARE is its culture of growth and collaboration. The company fosters a positive and inclusive environment that encourages innovation, teamwork, and personal development. AARE places a strong emphasis on talent acquisition, ensuring that its team consists of the most skilled and passionate professionals in the industry. This commitment to cultivating a strong team dynamic enables AARE to provide exceptional service and maintain its position as a leader in the market.

AARE’s ambitious growth plans have led to the expansion of its operations across 24 states, with a vision for further global expansion. The company’s success and rapid growth are driven by its dedication to excellence, innovative equity compensation plan, multiple revenue sources, and proprietary systems and strategies. AARE’s experienced executive team brings strategic vision, industry expertise, and a proven track record of success, guiding the company towards achieving its objectives.

Executive Profiles

Andrew Arroyo | chairman & ceo

Andrew Michael Arroyo is our Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer. He is personally licensed as a managing broker in 24 states and the District of Columbia and has been a part of more than a billion dollars in real estate transactions in his 23-year career in the real estate industry. As CEO, Mr. Arroyo is responsible for representing the best interests of the Company and its shareholders. He is responsible for creating and implementing strategies to grow the business and brand by developing business relationships and alliances, pursuing corporate opportunities, as well as assisting with oversight and management of the day-to-day operations.


Clark Anctil is a seasoned executive with a broad range of experience with positions in general management, operations and supply chain management, covering responsibilities of finance, product costing, material and resource planning, procurement and sourcing, HR training and development, information systems, twin plant operations, “Just in Time” manufacturing, “lean systems”, and facility design and engineering. During his career, he has mentored staff and trained teams in achieving results and effective management with a focus on knowledge acquisition, understanding and proactive execution in a lean environment. This approach led him to develop and deploy software to support business growth covering material, labor and resource planning, operational cost tracking, throughput management and production control. In addition to his corporate career, he has been a top producing REALTOR since 2010 and licensed loan originator since 2020, and currently holds a Broker’s license. He joined AARE as an agent in 2016 and has worked closely with the founder throughout the years. Clark has a heart to mentor and train other employees how to grow a business with the stakeholder’s interest in mind. His depth of experience and hands-on approach provide a unique skill set and make him a valuable member of the AARE Finance and Operations team.


Derek Barksdale, Naval Officer (Retired), is a prominent military and civilian motivational leader with a broad background in leadership and entrepreneurship, focused on the real estate and lending industry. He earned his B.S. in Workforce Education and Development at Southern Illinois University – Carbondale and embodies four decades of experience in facilitating the success of others while in the military as a naval officer, in civil service as a Director of Operations, and private sector as an entrepreneur and founder of Military Mutual®; a real estate brokerage focused on serving veterans and their families since 2011. Licensed as a real estate broker with his NMLS, Derek served as Managing Partner and Founder of Aligned Mortgage – California. He established the branch as Branch Manager, building the organization to over 70 staff and loan officers to ensure the success of over 1,800 homeowners and a $1 billion in volume in less than two years. Derek currently serves as President of the Veteran Association of Real Estate Professionals (VAREP) San Diego and is on the Board of Directors for the Navy League, San Diego. The passion he brings to any forum is evident in his strong desire to advance the personal and professional achievements of others.

Tiffany Mohler | Administration director

Tiffany Mohler is AARE’s designated broker in California and Director of Administration. Her duties include the direct oversight of the company compliance and risk management development.  She is also responsible for the management and training of all brokers and agents nationwide. Tiffany holds a degree in Business Administration from San Diego State University and is a third generation REALTOR. She began her real estate career in 2002 as part of a top producing real estate team, learning all aspects of the business. Her well-rounded education serves her well as she juggles a myriad of job responsibilities. Tiffany’s leadership, experience and calm demeanor are a tremendous asset to the AARE team.  Her “peacemaking” nature makes her a natural for dealing with diverse personalities and situations. Her strengths include teaching, training, and strengthening others.

JOHN WINDSCHEFFEL | communications director

John Windscheffel brings a wealth of experience and expertise to this position, having been the top salesperson at three different corporations since beginning his sales career in 1992. Over this time, he has created award-winning sales teams, done corporate sales training and recruiting, and been charged with overseeing multiple sales offices. He and two brothers-in-law founded Real Estate Village in late 1997. Theirs was one of the first online companies to develop websites for real estate professionals. Because of their success, Homes.com purchased the company in the spring of 2000. He stayed with Homes.com until 2003, when he moved on to another corporation. There he became an International Corporate Sales trainer and built the largest sales team in the company’s history. When AARE agents want guidance from an experienced trainer and communicator, they turn to John. John’s relationship with AARE founder Andrew Arroyo dates back to 1999 when Andrew sold him and his wife, Nancy, their first home in San Diego.


David Malme is our Humanitarian & Growth Director overseeing our nationwide expansion. He was the CEO and owner of a publishing and distribution company for 18 years. His prior experience includes book publishing, direct mail marketing consulting, field and telephone sales management, sales and marketing management, purchasing/inventory management, distribution, and retail store management. He is an accomplished leader committed to teaching, mentoring and building highly effective teams and business relationships that deliver profitable growth. He has a proven track record of developing and growing brands through innovative product marketing and creative selling strategies that capture market share, acquire and grow customer relationships, and drive profits.


Michael brings over 16 years of experience marrying real estate strategy and innovation to create scalable solutions that provide invaluable insight to leadership teams and help steer real estate investment decisions. Michael has worked with Fortune-ranked leaders in the legal, defense, academic, non-profit, and healthcare industries. Michael is credited with closing large real estate deals in California while building strong working relationships with key decision makers in small businesses and Fortune-ranked companies. Michael leads a talented team of over 250 agents to peak performance, inspiring his team to break through their perceived limits and deliver impressive results. He has cultivated a workplace that attracts top-performing employees who feel valued, respected, and heard, building teams that value accountability and professional growth. Prior to this role, Michael served as Executive Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at Hi-Tech Honeycomb, where he was invited to serve on the Board of Directors and serves as a valued member to this day. During his tenure with Hi-Tech Honeycomb, Michael kickstarted operations and grew revenue from $18 million to an all-time high of $28 million after introducing lean manufacturing principles and spearheading a SWOT analysis for every department. Michael earned his Bachelor of Arts in Business Management and International Finance from Eckerd College. He went on to obtain his real estate license through the California Department of Real Estate.


Craig J. Yuill is a Corporate Brand Specialist, and UX/UI Designer For over two decades Yuill has led the teams that have designed and managed high-quality print and web-based advertising and marketing communication projects for mid-sized and Fortune 500 companies, foundations, and non-profits. He has consulted start-ups, small businesses, and established companies, designed dozens of brand strategies, and planned, designed, and managed web-based projects to help businesses succeed in today’s fast-moving environment.

Company Fact Sheet

Company Name: AARE | Real Estate Services
Year Founded: 2004
Location: San Diego, California, United States

Current Operations: 24 States in USA
Target Goal: All 50 States & Global
Member Agents: 310

Charitable Giving: Up to 20% of gross profits (cash and in kind contributions)

Areas of Specialization: Residential and Commercial Real Estate Services

Primary Services:
Residential Sales
Commercial Sales
Property Management
Business Opportunities

Mission: To do God’s will in the real estate sector of the public markets.

Objective: To create the world’s first publicly traded, faith-based, global real estate firm.

Culture: AARE fosters a positive and inclusive culture that encourages collaboration, innovation, and personal growth.We prioritize teamwork and believe that a strong team dynamic leads to exceptional client service. Our culture is built on principles of generosity, giving back to others in need, and making a positive impact in the communities we serve.

Equity Compensation: AARE offers an innovative equity compensation plan that allows members to share in the company’s success and align their interests with the long-term vision and objectives of the firm.

Multiple Revenue Sources: AARE provides a comprehensive range of real estate services, including residential and commercial sales, lending, property management, syndication, and business opportunities.
This diversified portfolio of services ensures multiple revenue streams and a comprehensive solution for clients.

Generosity-Based Business Model: AARE’s business model is rooted in Generous Capitalism®, which emphasizes giving back and making a positive impact.We are committed to generosity, both within our organization and in the communities we serve.

High Growth Potential: AARE has experienced rapid growth and expansion, with operations in 24 states. We have ambitious plans for global expansion and aim to establish a prominent presence in real estate markets worldwide.

Experienced Executive Team: AARE’s leadership team brings extensive industry experience, strategic vision, and a proven track record of success. Our executives are committed to driving growth, delivering exceptional results, and guiding the company towards achieving its objectives.

Intellectual Property: AARE has developed proprietary systems, strategies, and processes that give us a competitive edge. Our intellectual property ensures that our clients receive the highest level of service and expertise.

Press Releases


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San Diego, CA –Sept 15, 2022: AARE-2022-Semi-Annual-Report


San Diego, CA – July 8, 2022: AARE-Mid-2022-Earnings-Release

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Welcome to AARE, the ultimate destination for exceptional real estate services. We pride ourselves on delivering unrivaled expertise, professionalism, and tailored solutions to meet all your property needs. Our brand embodies excellence, integrity, and innovation, ensuring a seamless and rewarding experience in the real estate market.

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Executive Contact Page

Thank you for your interest in AARE . For media inquiries, press releases, or any other related requests, please feel free to contact our executive team members below:

Chairman & CEO

Humanitarian Director
Email: david.malme@aare.com

Administration Director
Email: tiffany.mohler@aare.com

Finance Director
Email: clark.anctil@aare.com

Communications Director
Email: john.windscheffel@aare.com

Executive Director of Commercial Real Estate
Email: michael.corbosiero@aare.com

Senior Lending Director
Email: derek.barksdale@aare.com

Corporate Brand Director
Email: craig.yuill@aare.com

For more information about AARE | Real Estate Services, please email us at MEDIA@aare.com or visit aare.com

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