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InTouch Podcast – Top Producers Share High Performance Methods – Episode 4

Episode Description

Ever wondered how top real estate producers stay ahead in a constantly shifting market? In this episode, we feature an interview with top producers Patty Keck, Nicole Mazzola, and Gary Giffin. They share their experiences and strategies for navigating the ever-changing real estate market.

Key Topics Discussed

Current Market Trends: Adapting to market cycles and the importance of transitioning your business before changes occur.

• Natural and Spiritual Gifts: How recognizing and utilizing these gifts can contribute to success.

• Sales Histories: Insights into how Patty, Nicole, and Gary got into real estate, their target areas, and price points.

Motivation and Traits: The personality traits that help them stand out and the importance of consistency and competitiveness.

Business Strategies

Client Relationships: Generating business through repeat and referral clients, open houses, and maintaining contact with past clients.

• Challenges and Benefits: The significance of client relationships and asking for referrals.

• Coaching and Advising: How coaching has impacted their careers and contributed to their success.

Technology and Competition: Dealing with competition from companies like Redfin and Zillow and sustaining long-term business.

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